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About us

uncommonseedbd logo is an online seed retailer that offers a wide variety of rare flower, fruit and vegetable seeds and seedlings. Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality seeds at the best prices as well as provide valuable information that will not only help your plant succeed but also make a lasting difference in our environment.

If we provide the highest quality seeds, a great price and excellent customer service, we are more likely to return to you. Our competitors will do anything like use deceptive practices and deceptive tactics to get sales. We're not interested in that one-off sale. We want you to be completely satisfied with your order so that you not only return, you also inform your friends.

We want a lasting relationship where we want to go to you for anything tree-related. By selecting only the highest quality samples and rejecting bad stock, we virtually guarantee our success and your happiness. Because of our dedication to selling the items we want to buy ourselves, more than half of our business is a repeat customer. It’s a testament to building our business around a single philosophy.